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Satellite Center: Sheela Senior Citizen's Home

“Old age is not the end of life. It is the beginning of a new life”. Nobody understands this better than Sheela Senior Citizens’ Home. At Sheela Senior Citizens’ Home, the elders can start a new chapter of life in the evening of their lives. We at Sheela Hospitals fully appreciate the condition of old age, the physical and mental incapability and the need for personalized care, attention, love and companionship. We also believe that old age need not be a period of decrepitude and desolation, that it can be a joyful time of gentle nostalgia, of creative activity, full of health, vitality and relaxation. This is what we at Sheela Senior Citizens’ Home strive to achieve by providing the elderly with a positive atmosphere where they may flourish, both physically and mentally, where they may experience and enjoy their ‘new life’ to the fullest.


Sheela Senior Citizen’s Home  is located on the outskirts of Coimbatore city, 1 km away from the Edayarpalayam bazaar. Its strategic location is such that it lends itself to the peaceful and serene location of suburban Coimbatore.It is very near to Maruthamalai temple, Anuvavi Subramanyar temple and Anaikatti.

The location provide adults age 55 and older with a complete array of health and wellness services. Health care professionals including a gerontologist, physicians and nurses with experience in senior care help each patient stay active, healthy and independent. Health education, exercise classes, social activities, free screenings and transportation are just of the few of the services available to seniors.

Residential Facilities:

All pre–requisites for a comfortable stay are provided by SSCH to ensure a stress–free, relaxed life for the inmates.

  • The suites in the home are spacious and well–furnished.
  • The bathrooms and general areas have been specially designed keeping in mind the fragile nature of senior citizens and handle bars have been fitted wherever necessary for easy manoeuvrability
  • Each suite has an attached balcony, toilet and intercom.
  • Vegetarian meals are cooked in the central kitchen under hygienic condition and are served with love to the elders.
  • Recreational facilities like Television and library have been provided to pass their time. Facilities have been provided at the home for playing indoor games like carrom and chess and outdoor games like shuttle cock and badminton.

Medical Facilities :

Specialised medical care is extended to all inmates of all times

  •  Master Health Check – up by specialists
  • Specialised health check-ups for eyes, diabetes and cardiac problems regularly.

SSCH fully realizes the importance of companionship and the need for emotional support in the lives of the elderly. SSCH ensures that inmates are never lonely by arranging for visits from ‘friends’ like social workers and public relations officers, and from students, who regale the elderly with their tales and infuse them with a spirit of youth. House-keeping supervisors attend to all needs and provide companionship


Special Facilities

  • A separate locker will be provided to senior citizens, on request for keeping their valuables
  • Senior citizen’s relatives will be informed on their last rites
  • Last rites will be done only in their own religious methods.

Feel Free to call about Sheela Senior citizen Home at 0422-4334500/ 9994719996