Welcome to Sheela Hospital

Opening Hours : 9am to 9pm
  Contact : Phone : +(91)-422-4334500, 2498383

Satellite Center: Health Center

The demand for the state of the art design function in training and exercise is on the increase. To meet this demand, Sheela Health Center has the equipment and staff at your disposal. The exclusive spot for Women – A sprawling 2000 sqft with total privacy and sporting the latest needed fitness and muscle toning equipment is just yours for the asking.

  • Exercycle – A must in aerobic conditioning.
  • Hydraulic Stepper – Weak muscles of the thighs, knees and calves, a thing of the past.
  • Rowing Machine – A machine for overall muscle toning.
  • Butterfly Bench – Strengthening Chest and Shoulder muscles.
  • Treadmill – Walk and just run about any distance, indoors.
  • Twister – Hip Shaper
  • Slimmer – Total body conditioner.
  • Medical Roller – Flabby muscles on your body just a bad memory.
  • Vibratory Belt – Conditions the muscles without your asking.
  • Steam Bath
  • Sauna Bath