Welcome to Sheela Hospital

Opening Hours : 9am to 9pm
  Contact : Phone : +(91)-422-4334500, 2498383

Infrastructure: Labour Ward

Our Labour ward is equipped with the following equipments.

  •     Centralized Oxygen supply.
  •     Railing cots.
  •     Sterilizers.
  •     Focus Lamps.
  •     SONICAID Bedside fetal heart/uterine contraction monitor.
  •     Centralized suction.
  •     Neonatal resuscitation set with ambu bag and laryngoscope.
  •     Outlet forceps
  •     Vacuum extraction cups.

Our Labour Ward wing is having the following Dynamic personalities.

  • Dr. Christy Ganapathi,  M.D., D.G.O.,
  • Dr. Chitra Ganapathi,  M.D., O.B.G.,