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Infrastructure: Laparoscopy

Video Laparoscopy can be done for a wide spectrum of ailments such as appendicitis, Gall stone disease, hernia repair, to diagnose the cause of vague abdominal pain especially in postoperative period which may be due to intestinal adhesions, Abdominal Tuberculosis, liver and pancreatic lesion, investigation of the cause of sterility, removal of uterine lumps, ovarian tumors and cysts, removal of uterus and tubal abortions to name a few. Since there are no incisions and minimal, tissue handling, surgical trauma is almost negligible. Hence, there is minimal alteration of body homeostasis and the recovery from surgical trauma is early and less traumatic.

In Sheela Hospital, we also do Arthroscopy for joint problems. Joint injuries can be diagnosed and repaired through scopy and thus the postoperative hospitalization and pain reduced by doing this procedure

Our Laparoscopy wing is having the following Dynamic personalities.

  • Dr. B.P. Ganapathi,  M.S.,