Welcome to Sheela Hospital

Opening Hours : 9am to 9pm
  Contact : Phone : +(91)-422-4334500, 2498383

Infrastructure: Operation Theatre Services

Our OT complex is designed to work round the clock. The main OT complex located in the First Floor constitutes the hub center of the various surgical procedures conducted in this hospital. It has been designed to provide 3 Operation Theatres along with its ancillary departments. Various surgical disciplines like General Surgery, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Orthopaedic, ENT, Ophthalmology and other specialized fields like Paediatric surgery, Plastic surgery, Laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery, Urology, Neuro surgery conduct the operations

The Three centrally Air-Conditioned fully geared up Modern state of the art operation theatres available are one is for Major operation, another one is for Medium and Minor operations and the third one is exclusively for emergency surgeries.

Anesthetic Gases And Oxygen Supply

Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen, Carbondioxide, Compressed air are provided through the pendant boxes filled inside each OT. The Oxygen is piped to the induction room, post operative recovery ward, Intensive care unit, Labour ward and neonatal intensive care unit

Postoperative Ward

This ward is located in the clean zone of Main OT Complex adjacent to the Operation Theatre. The postoperative section is an 8 bedded ward having provision to supply oxygen, suction and compressed air. It has adequate equipments and facilities to attend emergency cases and for postoperative care. The experienced and dedicated nursing staff looks after the patient till they are shifted to their respective wards.

Fire Fighting Arrangements

Effective fire fighting system is provided by fire extinguisher related installation

Our Operation Theatre Services wing is having the following Dynamic personalities.

  • Dr. B.P. Ganapathi,  M.S.,

Special Equipments Available In OPERATION THEATRE SERVICES

  • Drager Mointor
  • Excel 400 MCDS
  • Excel 350 MCDS
  • Rolla Endomat
  • Irricacion
  • Valley Lab
  • Ventilator
  • All Theatres provided with Head end control modern operation tables
  • ELPRO X-Ray Unit
  • Portable Thomson TXAS X- Ray Unit
  • Thorasic Surgeries and Trauma Surgeries.
  • Cystoscopy Equipments
  • Laparoscopic Equipments
  • Electrical Suction Units
  • Manual Suction Units
  • Central Suction Units
  • HP, CRITICARE Multi parameter Vital Sign Monitors 3 Nos
  • Modern Diathermy Machine
  • EASTERN Ceiling Cold Lights
  • Boils Anaesthesia Machine
  • Central Pendant Carbon-di-Oxide Supply
  • Central Pendant Nitrous Oxide supply
  • Central Pendant Oxygen supply
  • Vertical autoclave Machine
  • Horizontal large autoclave machine