Welcome to Sheela Hospital

Opening Hours : 9am to 9pm
  Contact : Phone : +(91)-422-4334500, 2498383

Infrastructure: Neonatal ICU

Sheela Hospital has been providing best care to the neonates. We have eminent pediatric surgeons visiting our hospital for management of all kinds of neonatal and pediatric problems. As our hospital is equipped with facilities for cranial ultrasonography, color Doppler for echo, early diagnosis of cardiac, intracranial hemorrhages etc are possible. Facilities for exchange transfusion are available

Our Neonatal ICU wing is having the following Dynamic personalities.

  • Dr. Subash,  M.B.B.S., (Paediatrics )

Special Equipments Available In NEONATAL ICU

  • Sterilisation Equipments
  • Neonatal weighing machine for daily monitoring the weight
  • Neonatal resuscitation set with ambu bag
  • Neonatal laryngoscope.
  • Various sizes of endotracheal tubes.
  • NELLCOR Pulse Oxymeter for heart rate monitoring.
  • Central Oxygen supply
  • Diginfusa infusion set
  • MEDITRIN Phototherapy unit.
  • Phototherapy unit - PHOENIX
  • Incubator - PHOENIX
  • SERVO CONTROL Incubator
  • SERVO CONTROL warmer
  • ZEAL warmer