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Opening Hours : 9am to 9pm
  Contact : Phone : +(91)-422-4334500, 2498383

Health and Medical

Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) which is well equipped with most advanced and sophisticated medical equipments.

Caring Nursing Staff

Apart from delivering quality healthcare at affordable cost, the role of nurses in patient care also assumes significance importance in the hospital gaining its reputation, name and fame.

Advanced Medical Equipment

We installed a number of advanced medical equipments such as Monitors, Ventilators, Infusion pumps, central oxygen supply, central suction supply, Bedside Echo machine, Bedside X-ray machine and various types of special disposable tubes besides pulmo-aid nebulizers, water beds, syringe pumps and ECG machine.

Qualified Doctors

Duty Doctors, Qualified staff and Paramedical Staff are available round the clock as they are put on 8-hourly shift duty to attend emergency accident cases

Medical Counselling

Get expert health advice and answers to all your important health-related queries from doctors at Sheela Hospital,offers consultation, diagnostic services, health checkups and treatment facilities to patients.

Inhouse Pharmacy

Offering patients a “one-stop shopping” experience saves precious time and provides a service they will appreciate. It also makes it easier to make health a priority.

Blood Bank

Our blood bank has new highly sophisticated equipment with 24/ 7 which ensure safety for the process of collecting, testing, processing and storing blood for later use.

Senior Citizen Home

In our Senior Citizens’ Home, the elders can start a new chapter of life in the evening of their lives. We fully appreciate the condition of old age, the physical and mental incapability and the need for personalized care, attention, love and companionship.

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Latest Events

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The Hero In All Of Us

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